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Adorn yourself in the sanctity of silicon with a hoodie that transforms computer components into a sacred ensemble, celebrating the keystrokes and data pulses that orchestrate our online existence. It's not just a piece of clothing, but a tribute woven from the threads of technology, for those who revere the motherboard as the altar of innovation.
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Embrace the elements with our Glitch Zip Hoodie, a sanctuary of warmth for the modern digital wanderer. Meticulously crafted for both durability and comfort, it's your dependable companion on every quest—be it through starlit skies or code-filled nights. Each hoodie boasts a uniquely printed interior hood design, turning your apparel into a canvas of digital artistry.

  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton Blend

    Engineered with a blend of cotton and polyester fibers, this hoodie offers a soft touch, robust performance, and easy care for the modern digital nomad. Made in Honduras, finished and shipped from the USA. Machine washable.

  • Armor-Like Warmth

    The double-lined hood acts as your shield against the chill, keeping you toasty during nocturnal cosmic explorations or late-night coding sessions.

  • Eco-Conscious Production

    Embrace our on-demand production philosophy that emphasizes sustainability by reducing waste, with each hoodie custom-made and shipped with care in about a week.


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