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Embrace the eternal quest for digital enlightenment with Gltch's 'VR Vertebrae' tee. This isn't just a shirt; it's a symbol of the gamer spirit, where the thrill of leveling up transcends the screen and taps into the soul. Each skeleton, a silent guardian of the game's legacy, not to escape reality but to discover the infinite layers within it. Feel the pulse of progress with, a silent cheer for every milestone reached in life's grand campaign. This tee is for the dreamers, the believers, the relentless seekers of the next great adventure—both in the game and beyond.
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Embark on your daily adventures with our organic tees that blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. Whether you're coding your latest masterpiece, conquering virtual worlds, or simply reveling in the mysteries of the cosmos, our shirts are designed to keep up with your dynamic life. Crafted with premium, soft organic cotton, each tee offers enduring comfort. The reinforced shoulder construction maintains a sharp silhouette, and the double-stitched hem ensures your gear stands the test of time. Embrace the future of sustainable style with Gltch – where innovation meets everyday wear.

  • 100% Organic Cotton

    Crafted from 100% organic ringspun cotton. Shirts are made in Mexico and finished and shipped from the USA. Machine washable.

  • Superior Comfort

    Designed for the discerning enthusiast, our heavyweight tees provide a luxurious, soft feel for all-day wearability during coding or gaming.

  • Eco-Conscious Production

    Embrace our on-demand production philosophy that emphasizes sustainability by reducing waste, with each T-shirt custom-made and shipped with care in about a week.

Customer Reviews

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Top Quality Clothing and Amazing Graphics!

I was so surprised with the quality of the printing on the clothing and the clothing itself, the small logo on the sleeve, the fit is flawless and even after harsh washing, the clothing is holding up as good as the day I received it. Been heavy washing the cloths with no fading over a month after purchase. If you have any concern over the quality of the clothing, DON'T! It is top quality clothing from the multiple articles of clothing I purchased. Highly recommend Gltch!!!!